Student Affairs

Academy learning is a step towards student success. Community engagement and student activities are a part of student growth.
High school is one of the most important stages of life and there are many elements that contribute to academic success. Green Path Academy Student Affairs is responsible for resolving issues brought to us by students, parents, and the community. Moreover, Student Affairs offers different programs and activities throughout the course of high school to foster student engagement with the community as well as to encourage students to strive for their goals.

Student Services

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Student Advisor

Students can seek our student transfer and academic advisor if they have questions or issues regarding those topics.
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Visa Extension

Crown Academy help students who wish to study in Canada apply and extend their entry visa and study permit.
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Crown Academy provide residence, agencies, and advisors for students who have trouble looking for a place to stay throughout the school year.
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Airport Pick-up/Drop-off

Crown Academy provide student a safe and efficient airport pick-up and drop-off service.

On Campus Activities

Green Path Academy focuses on student academic learning as well as extracurricular clubs and after school programs. This gives students opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom, meet new people, lead others and learn different skill sets.