Green Path Academy focuses on the students, our future. Every student is different in learning and we believe that everyone has the potential to grow. We will educate and assist students in developing skills essential for post-secondary education.

Our Philosophy

At Green Path Academy, we focus on providing our students with an unforgettable high school experience, which is why we continue to improve our environment, facilities, and services. We value academic excellence and experience that students can carry through their lifetime.

Vision & Mission

Green Path Academy is committed to providing the best learning experience to our students. We are determined to nurture and guide students to become future leaders. Our students will learn today and succeed tomorrow. Green Path Academy creates opportunities for the future.

School’s Message

Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome to Green Path Academy. It is truly a pleasure to see you here. Green Path Academy is honored to be working with students and parents of the community.

Our purpose is to educate youths to become the leaders of tomorrow. We aim to create an environment for our students to critically think, problem-solve, and inspire others. We help students to overcome challenges, develop personal goals and strive to achieve them.

Our responsibility as educators is to prepare and guide the next generation. We believe that every student is different in their abilities to adapt and learn. Our teachers and staff will prepare students with the skills and knowledge for future success.

Green Path Academy thanks students, parents, and our hard-working staffs for their contribution. We will continue to provide better programs, facilities, and services for our students.

Green Path Academy


School Events

Green Path Academy believes outdoor class activities are as important as class learning. We plan trips throughout the school year for students to enjoy and learn about Canadian culture. In previous years, students attending Green Path Academy had the opportunity to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, Mountsberg Maple Syrup Festival, and watched a live Shakespeare play. Green Path Academy provides the student with the opportunities to experience outdoor learning every year.

Take a Look at Our Courses

Still not sure of what courses to take or courses that may interest you? Take a look at all the courses we have to offer. Green Path Academy offers variety of courses to complete your Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

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